Workforce Development

Who we serve:

Counties and organizations focused on helping 16-24 year-olds develop skills that prepare them for the workforce.

What we provide:

An online learning experience that develops vital skills needed for today’s workers.  BuildEd provides the curriculum and the deployment assistance you need to ensure your target population gets the skills they need.

Skill training includes:

  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Idea generation
  • Self-reflection

Learning includes:

  • Importance of being a “value adder” to your employer
  • How to advance your ideas
  • Market analysis tools to evaluate the merits of business ideas
  • Appreciation for the changing nature of today’s jobs and the importance of “becoming your own CEO.”

How it works:

Good visual here for how we host a course, a student engages online and how the worksheets or quizzes get distributed and graded.

Why BuildEd:

BuildEd provides a turnkey solution that includes the content and deployment expertise to ensure that your workers have an engaging experience.

  • Designed by educators with specialized experience in digital learning
  • Developed by “master” entrepreneurs who created the World Series of Entrepreneurship these lessons guide a user through the process of creating and presenting a new idea or concept
  • Shot in HD with professional voice overs and using hIghly relevant, real-world examples keeps participants engaged.

Outcomes you can expect for participants:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Greater ability to add value to future employers
  • Improved communication skills
  • Critical thinking and better ability to perform “knowledge work.”

Participation in a World Series of Entrepreneurship event:

For students that want to develop and test a business concept, they can participate in the World Series of Entrepreneurship