Our Approach

21st Century Education for The 21st Century Workforce

The World Has Changed & There is More Opportunity Than Ever

The world has changed. No longer must workers report to company facilities. No Longer are there career pathways like the ones that existed decades ago. There are six (6) modalities of earning an income and building careers and companies in the modern economy. The good news? With change comes great opportunity. 

Everyone Must be a 21st Century Entrepreneur.

Take ownership of your career, align, and act. If you don’t have a plan, you are part of someone else’s or everyone else’s.

The economy is changing and how we train the workforce must also change. We have moved from the industrial revolution to the 4th industrial revolution. Most of our business and career training was built from last century’s innovation and mindset. To find true success in the modern economy our approach is to cultivate what we call the “21st century entrepreneur”.

In a Word – VALUE

The vehicle to income, growth, and exceeding your goals is Value.

Customers don’t pay for products or services; they pay for Value. Employers don’t pay you for your time; they pay you for your Value. Employers don’t promote people who add less Value. You have it in you. We will help you get it out, Build it, and unleash it on the world.

There is a Right Way

The path is there. You can do it. We can help.

Whether you are looking to get a job, change careers, do freelance work, or start a business, there is a right way (and it doesn’t involve you taking huge risks!). It is called the Incremental Growth Strategy™. In as little as 30 minutes, you can get started. You can build incrementally, and in the right timeline for you, you can get there.

What We Do

The most effective and efficient way to train the workforce is to offer them each a completely custom path that focuses on exactly what they need to learn in a project-based learning format.

The Solution

To really support someone through the process of becoming a “21st Century Entrepreneur”, you need to engage them at a personal level to such a degree that they initiate their own mindset shift. Then, you need to strengthen and refine that mindset shift while teaching them core universal skills. Finally, you have to have them practice on their own real problems and goals. To really work and overcome the difficult gap between learning and doing, they would need to be practically focused on creation and doing. Only this combination results in actual training transfer when it comes to real life decisions and actions.

Create a Custom Path

The most effective and efficient way to train the workforce is to offer them each a completely custom path that focuses on exactly what they need to learn in a project-based learning format.

We know that the standard present/practice/assess model of teaching entrepreneurship skills just doesn’t work for many people. The leap from reading business case studies to writing your own value proposition is just not effective for most people.

Take Action

That is why our curriculum uses a learning-in-action model where the student learns in small, easy to understand and easy to apply steps by doing (actually building their career and business ideas).

This format allows us to provide individualized pathways so each learner can work at their own pace, individualized support for what they need to learn, cohorts to support each other, and mentors to offer guidance.

Get Results

Our system works. At the end, our participants have gained the skills they need to do what they set out to do. In fact, they have already done it. They don’t end the course with some things to think about. They end it with a developed set of tools like pitches and plans so they can take it to the next level right away. They’ve even outlined their next steps so they have something to do immediately, before they lose momentum.

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