Workforce Training and Development

Partnering with Workforce Development Boards and Service Providers to offer bootcamps, workshops, and programs that meet WIOA standards, include certificates and credentials, and offer career pathways with documented outcomes.  From 2 hour workshops and 5 hour bootcamps to 6 month programs, we provide powerful, outcome-driven, and immediately impactful programming that meets clients where they are and provides pathways to thrive in the modern economy.


  • Turnkey: Run by us or you
  • Meets WIOA Standards
  • Documented Outcomes
  • Detailed Tracking and  Reporting
  • Live (online) and  Asynchronous Options
  • 1:1 Mentorship Included
  • 100% Customizable
  • Access to Credentials

Accelerating careers through developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurship has been proven to change the trajectory of people’s lives, irrespective of race, economic status, or birth zip code.  It is one of the most powerful vehicles available to change one’s economic status, and most experts recognize this. Yet, in spite of efforts and legislation mandating its offering, it remains largely unavailable to those most in need.  It is the mission of BuildED to level the playing field and provide access to the power of entrepreneurship with clear and effective pathways for starting businesses and accelerating careers.


Populations We Serve

  • Adult
  • Adult dislocated
  • Reentry
  • Veterans
  • Military
  • Military Spouse
  • Disabled
  • Women
  • In and out of school youth


A few truths, you might find surprising:

  1. Entrepreneurship is a core 21st century career need – not as an occupation, but as a skill set and a mindset.
  2. People who think like entrepreneurs look at the vast sea of options that make up our modern economy, and they see endless opportunities. People who don’t think like entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed and lost.
  3. Most entrepreneurship programs are either overly academic or overly venture specific. Either way, they fail to trigger a mindset shift, and so miss the real value of entrepreneurship training.
  4. Being a 21st century entrepreneur is not a benefit or a leg up – it is a baseline requirement to be a real player in the modern economy.


Entrepreneurship isn’t just for Entrepreneurs


Statistically speaking, many more people will end up applying the entrepreneurial skill set and mindset to building their careers than building a business. Roughly 1/10 people start a business. The other 9 still need to think and act like entrepreneurs. When applied well, entrepreneurial skills and approaches can be meaningful differentiators and fuel promotion and growth at accelerated and elevated levels. People who treat their careers like a startup (and eventually an enterprise) achieve goals that seemed impossible before they made the shift.

Within this, there is great simplicity that can be harnessed and deployed by anyone. It is within reach of everyone.  Learn to think and act like a value creator, and you too can achieve greater success than anyone thought possible.


A fresh approach

Entrepreneurship is an essential skill for any type of career success. Teaching the basic entrepreneurial mindset and skill set is essential for success in the modern economy. Build Ed is your partner in bringing this new approach to populations in your community.