Entrepreneurs Make the Best Employees

Teach your employees to run their careers like a business.

Build ED live online BootCamps empower your employees to take ownership, innovate, and advance through understanding value creation and soft entrepreneurial skills training to succeed in the workplace.

George Bodenheimer

President of ESPN and ABC’s Sports Division

Helen Gurley Brown

Former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan

Wallace ``Wally`` Amos

Founder of “Famous Amos”

Ron Meyer

President & COO of Universal Studios

The War For Talent

Entrepreneurial soft skills for better employee retention

Businesses find it difficult to find dependable, qualified workers; this is the greatest challenge facing employers. In the modern economy retaining and advancing your current workforce is key in a competitive hiring environment. Entrepreneurial skills and approaches can be meaningful differentiators and fuel promotion and growth at accelerated and elevated levels.

Value Creation, The Driver for Business Success

A pillar of the Build ED curriculum

Entrepreneurs understand that value creation is what customers buy, not mere products or services. When your employees learn value creation concepts, they can’t unlearn them.

Value creation will leave your employees better contributors: they will have more clarity of purpose, be willing to work hard for a more significant impact and be eager to advance to higher positions within the company. So yes, entrepreneurial soft skills for better retention.

Explore the different ways to partner with Build ED

Prepare your Business to Thrive in the Modern Economy

Build and Maintain a Quality Workforce and Increase Competitiveness

Acquire the skills necessary to retain employment

Increase the skill levels to create backfill opportunities

Gain the skills to advance within the company

Gain increased job ownership and problem-solving skills

Achieve significant upgrade in skills

Reach goals through alignment of skills and abilities


Training to Match Your Company’s Goals

Training is more than hard skill’s development.  Developing your employee’s soft skills with training grounded in today’s challenges yet meets forward-facing opportunities to match your company goals.

As it turns out, entrepreneurial training works exceptionally well at changing mindsets and motivations. We see productive improvements at every job level, across departments and disciplines, whether at the entry-level or c-suite levels. Our unique training method switches on the internal drive of the learner; they learn the common denominator of successful people that reach the highest levels of success — and that’s value creation. When you need training that grows your employees into leaders — think BuildED.

White Label Training

White label training is more than logos and color changes.  BuildED’s White Label Training is 100% customized to match the needs and direction of your company. Our white-label training uses the best practices in curriculum design framed in modern, understandable pedagogy.

BuildEd white-label training expands as the needs change for your company or when the greater society dictates change occurs; this means you get the latest training for your investment.  And your assigned project manager will work with you to make choosing BuildED’s white-label training the right fit.

Franchisee Accelerator

Not every entry-level employee for your franchisee understands value creation, an essential skill every franchisor already understands.  Training your staff to strive to become verified value creators will prevent issues that plague franchisors, like higher job abandonment rates, high onboarding costs, and increased retention problems.

In our cohort, your employees will learn that customers are not merely buying products or services; they are buying the value that product or service brings to their lives. In essence, we drill them on this topic, teaching the one principle that will make success a reality.

Incumbent Workers Program

We work closely with some Workforce Development Boards throughout the country and tailor our training to match the needs of industries or programs that the Local Workforce Development Board has targeted.  We also locate funding through hundreds of grants and funders like banks, utilities, etc. We are here to help you.

Our incumbent worker training satisfies WIOA requirements and budgetary constraints.  We will propose a training strategy plan that may reduce your training budget by up to 30-70% with our streamlined training process.

A fresh approach

Entrepreneurship is an essential skill for any type of career success. Teaching the basic entrepreneurial mindset and skill set is essential for success in the modern economy. Build Ed is your partner in bringing this new approach to populations in your community.

About Us Our Approach

Changing Lives Together

Build ED has built partnerships with workforce boards, institutions and companies in over 22 states


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    We learn from a young age that if we work hard and keep our heads down, we will earn increasing responsibilities and pay. That used to be true when businesses felt a greater responsibility to nurture and grow their employees. But now that everything is in service to the short-term bottom line for stockholders, the rules have changed.

    The world of work has changed. Few people graduate, climb onto the career ladder, then climb off decades later from a higher rung with a golden retirement watch. Most people work for many companies, in many industries, and under many different terms during the course of their careers.

    Golden watch pathways have been replaced by lower pay jobs and less opportunities for career growth. Others have been broken down into small chunks of contract work. This puts people at constant risk of stagnating or even sliding backward. The middle class is shrinking, and no one is immune.

    All of this means that ordinary people are able - and really, required – to shape their own career pathways.


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    We understand what it feels like to struggle and are here to help you make that struggle a little easier and the payoff for your work greater.

    We teach workshops that will help overcome that struggle and find new direction, focus and fulfillment in your career. From getting jobs, performing well at jobs, advancing, doing freelance work, to starting a business, our lessons will give you the tools you need to succeed in the modern economy.

    Our programs are designed to help you take control of your career with a step-by-step action plan customized for your success. We will equip you with the mindset, tools, and action steps to move from where you are now to a career you can be excited to wake up to every morning.

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