The Biz Startup Pathway™


Providing clear, simple, and actionable onramps to all kinds of Entrepreneurship in a way that reduces risks & accelerates growth
Each Bootcamp is 4-12 hours, all are Live (+Recorded) and cohort based, and all include Certificates and or credentials from The National Association of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership (NAEBLE)

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Gig Fundamentals Bootcamp™
        Arming you with the ability to make money NOW, explore and learn interests, & build your personal value.

      • Gig Platforms Bootcamp™
        Arming you with clear understanding of the earning potential and alignment of multiple platforms and the “Exactly How” to start and start strong.

      • Advanced Gig Strategies Bootcamp™
        Empowering you with strategies and tactics to increase earnings, win more work, get paid more, and optimize the power of gigs in your professional life.

      • Beyond Gig Platforms Bootcamp™
        Preparing you to expand your Personal Value Proposition beyond gig platforms, and to help you build a strong foundation for Solopreneurship.

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Biz Formation Bootcamp™
        Validate your business idea, test your market, and create a pitch investors will love

      • Go-To-Market Bootcamp™
        Clear and powerful strategies to get customers directly, make more money and building a value proposition that resonates with your target customers.

      • Biz Branding Bootcamp™
        Simple and clear process and tools to help build your brand and show it through web, social mediate, and print assets

      • Biz Sales & Marketing Bootcamp™
        Instructions, tools, and resources to help you build your marketing strategies and assets, as well as your sales process, assets, and measurement tools.

      • Solo Success Accelerator Bootcamp™
        Arming you with advanced strategies to optimize your Soloprenuership career, including strategic partnerships and exploring the use of independent contractors to increase revenue and returns,

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Biz Finance Bootcamp™
        Validate your business model, create P&L statements, and get your house in order for an influx of investment dollars

      • Biz Funding Bootcamp™
        Comprehensive preparation for attracting and securing funding in the form of taking on investors or securing a SBA or other commercial loan.

      • Biz Process Bootcamp™
        Providing you with the knowledge, tools, and templates to develop and implement process within your organization to help drive growth.

      • Biz Talent Bootcamp™
        Strong teams are about the right people in the right seats. Strategies, Tactics and Tools to help you better define your seats and recruit, interview, hire, and manage the right people.

      • Biz Growth Acceleration Bootcamp™
        Advances strategies for increased growth, including strategic partnership, growth capital, merger, and acquisition.