The Biz Startup Pathway™


Providing clear, simple, and actionable onramps to Entrepreneurship and Progressions reduce risks & accelerate growth
Each Bootcamp is 4-12 hours, all are Live (+Recorded) and cohort based, and all include Certificates and or credentials from The National Association of Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership (NAEBLE)

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Gig Fundamentals Bootcamp™
        Arming you with the ability to make money NOW, explore and learn interests, & build your personal value proposition.
      • Gig Platforms Bootcamp™
        Arming you with clear understanding of the earning potential and alignment of multiple platforms and the “Exactly How” to start and start strong.
      • Advanced Gig Strategies Bootcamp™
        Empowering you with strategies and tactics to increase earnings, win more work, get paid more, and optimize the power of gigs in your professional life.
      • Beyond Gig Platforms Bootcamp™
        Preparing you to expand your Personal Value Proposition beyond gig platforms, and to help you build a strong foundation for Solopreneurship.

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Biz Formation Bootcamp™
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      • Go-To-Market Bootcamp™
        Clear and powerful strategies to get customers directly, make more money and building a value proposition that resonates with your target customers.
      • Biz Branding Bootcamp™
        Simple and clear process and tools to help build your brand and show it through web, social mediate, and print assets
      • Biz Sales & Marketing Bootcamp™
        Instructions, tools, and resources to help you build your marketing strategies and assets, as well as your sales process, assets, and measurement tools.
      • Solo
        Success Accelerator Bootcamp™
        Arming you with advanced strategies to optimize your Soloprenuership career, including strategic partnerships and exploring the use of independent contractors to increase revenue and returns,

    • $ 99 Monthly
      • Biz Finance Bootcamp™
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      • Biz Funding Bootcamp™
        Comprehensive preparation for attracting and securing funding in the form of taking on investors or securing a SBA or other commercial loan.
      • Biz Process Bootcamp™
        Providing you with the knowledge, tools, and templates to develop and implement process within your organization to help drive consistent and growing outcomes in all areas.
      • Biz Talent Bootcamp™
        Strategies, Tactics and Tools to help you better recruit, interview, hire, and manage people.
      • Biz Growth Acceleration Bootcamp™
        Advances strategies for increased growth, including strategic partnership, growth capital, merger, and acquisition.