Employee ownership and performance are at all-time lows

In today’s dynamic business climate, employers face unprecedented challenges. The old formula of attracting and retaining talent through traditional compensation and perks is no longer effective. Talent today seeks more than just financial rewards; they yearn for roles where they can fully apply their skills and be genuinely engaged. The rarity of finding individuals who embody the ideal mindset and consistently deliver top performance is a growing concern. This widespread employee disengagement is detrimental to all, signaling a model of operation that is fundamentally flawed and demands urgent transformation.

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Workers just don’t “get it” and employers are paying the price.

In an increasingly competitive talent market, the task of drawing in and keeping individuals who not only have the right mindset but actively engage and perform is becoming a rarity. Employees seeking more than what traditional rewards offer often find themselves disillusioned, only partially tapping into their true capabilities. This mismatch of expectations versus reality fosters a cycle of discontent that resonates throughout the workplace, leading to diminished productivity, attrition, and weakened profitability.

It is not your fault or theirs

You are trying harder and offering more than ever, but they were never told how work works. It’s not about blame; it’s about addressing the root cause — a widespread deficiency in foundational knowledge and essential skill training. BuildEd acknowledges this oversight, offering a clear pathway to bridge the gap between potential and performance.

This is solvable

When you don’t understand how work works and what really drives success, chaos and overwhelm take over, and lackluster performance follows. But when you realize

You are not paid for your time; you are paid for your value, and

The greater the value you deliver, the more success you have (and the sooner you have it), and

 That it does’t matter what you think value is, it matters what the receiver (your boss or supervisor) thinks

Then ownership, motivation, performance, and growth follow. With understanding comes a new mindset and lens from which to operate every day that follows.

Add strategy, tools, and coaching, and Everything changes.

Once you know how work works and what really drives success, you have a new identity as a Value Provider. Add a strategy and proven system for adding value, and performance, contribution, and growth follow.

A Scientific Approach to Shifting Mindset

Developed by a team of PhDs, researchers, and practitioners, the first 40% of the training is a highly engineered experience designed to ensure an empowering and enduring mindset is acquired. By demystifying how the world works, what really drives success, and exactly how to do this in any position, two critically important beliefs are acquired: It can be done, and I can do it. This lays the foundation for agency/ownership, motivation, and full engagement.

That Which is Measured, Improves.

Employee performance contribution and growth are based on one thing, and one thing only: adding Value. We are not paid for our time, we are paid for the Value we deliver. Therefore, value must be defined and measured in every single position. BuildEd-trained employees take matters into their own hands, define value, engage their supervisor to gain confirmation, and then own their performance.

The Value Operating System™

We developed a propriety framework and platform that is the first to define and measure value in every single position. This is the strategy and the system for activating the most effective learning-in-action, performance, retention, and growth. This is where Value Delivery happens. Two simple steps, plus some real-time coaching.

First Establish the North Star of Value™

First and foremost, and employee must:

Acknowledge why the employer exists

There are only two possible answers here: to make money (for profits) or to help people (non-profit and government agencies)

Ratify the primary means by which your employer makes money or helps people.

Discover how is your boss is measured

And with that information clearly in view,

Define your Essential Value Proposition™

The what role you play and what Value you are here to deliver. This will then serve as the north star on which all activities and decisions are based.

Then Define the Four Dimensions of Value™

With the North Starts of Value™ defined, the Four Dimensions of Value™ are used to create a blueprint for a job extraordinarily well done. By defining, in great detail (think baking recipe), the activities you have a powerful system for performance. In every single position, in every industry, and at every level, there are four types of Value that must be defined and delivered:

Core Value.  These are the activities that are the reason the position exists

Supportive Value.  The other expectations like showing up on time, being dressed properly, and completing paperwork.

Cultural Value.  Often described as “attitudinal value”, one must define in what situations, do you take what actions, and use what words and do so for internal teammates and external stakeholders (customers, investors, and community),

Unexpected Value.  As the title suggests, these are activities that are not part of the description but, when going above and beyond, set you apart.

Adopt in Minutes, Seamless to Integrate in Ways of Working

Provide a little information and you are assigned a BuildEd Value Expert™.

Meet with your Value Expert™ and establish outcomes, constraints, and action plan.

Enroll and Register
Invite your team members to training (200 trainees a year to choose from)

Define Value
The Value Expert™ works with you and your employee to define Value, and the cadence for measuring and coaching.

BuildEd Value Coaches™ will then work with your employees to increase Value Delivery, contribution, and growth


Increase in Career Ownership

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We learn from a young age that if we work hard and keep our heads down, we will earn increasing responsibilities and pay. That used to be true when businesses felt a greater responsibility to nurture and grow their employees. But now that everything is in service to the short-term bottom line for stockholders, the rules have changed.

The world of work has changed. Few people graduate, climb onto the career ladder, then climb off decades later from a higher rung with a golden retirement watch. Most people work for many companies, in many industries, and under many different terms during the course of their careers.

Golden watch pathways have been replaced by lower pay jobs and less opportunities for career growth. Others have been broken down into small chunks of contract work. This puts people at constant risk of stagnating or even sliding backward. The middle class is shrinking, and no one is immune.

All of this means that ordinary people are able - and really, required – to shape their own career pathways.


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We understand what it feels like to struggle and are here to help you make that struggle a little easier and the payoff for your work greater.

We teach workshops that will help overcome that struggle and find new direction, focus and fulfillment in your career. From getting jobs, performing well at jobs, advancing, doing freelance work, to starting a business, our lessons will give you the tools you need to succeed in the modern economy.

Our programs are designed to help you take control of your career with a step-by-step action plan customized for your success. We will equip you with the mindset, tools, and action steps to move from where you are now to a career you can be excited to wake up to every morning.

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