A New Economy Requires
A New Approach

With 40% of C-Suite executives indicating the candidates coming to them are unprepared, and with some reports showing as many as 46% of Jobs for people 30 years of age and younger being in the form of an independent contractors, the need to add value has never been greater.

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Two Paths

Two Operating Systems that provide the platform, structure, education, support, and pathway to secure a job and advance through a career or bring your venture to life.

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Customizable and Collaborative

A powerful technology platform that is fully customizable, and not only helps assemble a village, but get the learner the help they need in real time.

A Startup Theme Like No Other

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We learn from a young age that if we work hard and keep our heads down, we will earn increasing responsibilities and pay. That used to be true when businesses felt a greater responsibility to nurture and grow their employees. But now that everything is in service to the short-term bottom line for stockholders, the rules have changed.

The world of work has changed. Few people graduate, climb onto the career ladder, then climb off decades later from a higher rung with a golden retirement watch. Most people work for many companies, in many industries, and under many different terms during the course of their careers.

Golden watch pathways have been replaced by lower pay jobs and less opportunities for career growth. Others have been broken down into small chunks of contract work. This puts people at constant risk of stagnating or even sliding backward. The middle class is shrinking, and no one is immune.

All of this means that ordinary people are able - and really, required – to shape their own career pathways.


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We understand what it feels like to struggle and are here to help you make that struggle a little easier and the payoff for your work greater.

We teach workshops that will help overcome that struggle and find new direction, focus and fulfillment in your career. From getting jobs, performing well at jobs, advancing, doing freelance work, to starting a business, our lessons will give you the tools you need to succeed in the modern economy.

Our programs are designed to help you take control of your career with a step-by-step action plan customized for your success. We will equip you with the mindset, tools, and action steps to move from where you are now to a career you can be excited to wake up to every morning.

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