21st Century Career Training for the Modern Economy

The economy has changed. The workforce has evolved. How we think about work has changed forever.

At BuildED, we have developed a groundbreaking curriculum that responds to these changes. We harness the power of Entrepreneurship to prepare an evolving workforce to prosper in the Modern Economy. There are no limits with our focused entrepreneurial training, advance in a career, thrive in the freelance and gig economy, or start a business. Our suite of live online workshops and mentoring deliver timely and practical knowledge, tools, and a clear path to success no matter their background.

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11 Courses to Jumpstart Your Second Career

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Career Development for All Populations

Give your clients the competitive edge. Ignite a career ready workforce with the entrepreneurship skills they need to succeed in a modern economy. Our workshops integrate with current training programs and is WIOA & TANF qualifying.


Industry recognized credential

Measurable outcomes

Training accelerant

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We Serve:


Career Ownership and Advancement Training

Entrepreneurs make the best employees. Arm your team with the critical thinking skills needed to identify and evaluate opportunities. Increase retention by equipping them with renewed focus, motivation and creativity.


Strong retention tool

Leadership development

Increased innovation

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The Incremental Growth Strategy ™

Building upon a strong understanding of how the business world works today and how to be successful in the Modern Economy.

A Strong Foundation

Clear understanding on how the business world works, what drives success and the power of personal alignment to work

Entrepreneurship In The Workplace

Using Entrepreneurship to get a job, perform well, innovate, advance, and grow.

Entrepreneurship In The Gig Economy

Harnessing the power to make money now, in any situation, and to use the gig economy to build a track record of success.

Entrepreneurship And Starting A Business

The foundation for starting a business.Not leaving your job and the five primary elements of a successful business

Planning And Owning Your Own Path

Whether you know where you are going or if you need to figure it out. Clear and actionable with immediate next steps.


You Don’t Get Paid For Your Time, You Get Paid for the Value You Create

Preparing the workforce for a changing economy

Companies & Industries don’t offer career paths in the way they once did. Tenure and skill alone don't progress careers. Understanding the six modalities of work, learning the incremental growth strategy™, creating value, and the entrepreneurial mindset are the cornerstones of the Build Ed strategy for advancement.

The 6 Modalities of Work

No longer is it that you either take a job or start a business

The Modern Economy has opened the door to new opportunities to create value and grow wealth, but you have to understand how it works.

Company Employing Others

Part Time Ventures

Company Sole Proprietor

Gigs Flexible Work

Part Time Jobs

Full Time Jobs


Own Your Career and Run it Like a Business

A path to the career you want

Our BootCamps focus on cultivating positive shifts in mindset. Our students leave seeing new opportunities and are focused on finding alignment in their work. They are motivated and move forward with an actionable plan, not just theories and concepts.


The Path To Economic Success

The strategy you need to thrive, no matter your background

Our industry-leading Entrepreneurship Fundamentals Bootcamp programming provides pathways for adults and youth to understand, apply, and immediately benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset in six program hours.

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Changing Lives Together

Build ED has built partnerships with workforce boards, institutions and companies in over 22 states

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